Best Halogen Heaters Buying Guide

Best Halogen Heaters Reviews 2017 – Buyers Guide

Marko 1.2kw halogen heaterHalogen heaters are a popular type of mobile heater. They are fairly compact and use electricity to power the heating element inside.

However, instead of using electrical coils or gas powered elements, a halogen heater uses radiant heat from tubes containing halogen, a combination of nonmetallic elements that heat up rapidly and create a hot radiating heat source. Internal blowers push the heat out through a grid on the front of the unit.

So if your limited for space and only need to heat a single space like an office or caravan then a halogen heater could be the right choice for you.

Best Halogen Heaters 2017

With there being literally hundreds of models to choose from it can be a minefield finding a suitable heater. Here at we have reviewed dozens of models to come up with a shortlist. Use our comparison table and buyers guide to help you find a suitable unit.






Marko 1.2KW




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Lloytron F2104GR




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Lloytron F2106GR




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Marko 1.2KW

Marko 1.2KW Halogen Electric HeaterThe Marko 1.2KW Halogen Electric Heater is a portable heater that can easily warm a small room or work as a boost for other heat sources. Easy to be transported and to use, this halogen electric heater features 3 power options, allowing you to control the temperature in the room with no hassle.

Featuring 1200W maximum output, this portable heater warms the air in the room quickly and easily. What is more, it is designed with 3 power options, so that you can control the temperature in the room with no hassle. All you have to do is select the desired output – 400W, 800W or 1200W – and the heater will do its job.

Effectiveness is another strong point of this portable halogen electric heater. Featuring an oscillating function, you can set the heater to oscillate in order to get the room warm faster. Thus, all you have to do to warm your room faster is select the desired output and the oscillating function.

The Marko 1.2KW unit is also effective when it comes to safety. The model is designed with an auto cut-out function. Therefore, in case the heater gets knocked over by accident, the auto cut-out function will turn the unit off in order to prevent fires.

Key Features

  • It features 1200W maximum heat output
  • It has 3 power options: 400W, 800W and 1200W
  • It is designed with an oscillating function
  • It features auto cut-out in case the device is knocked over

Customer Reviews

I can confirm that the majority of the users are very content with the Marko 1.2KW heater, hence the multiple positive reviews. They are pleased with how the heater works, and the amount of heat it delivers despite its compact size. Some even comment on its affordable price.

Amazing little heater for such a small price! Bought this for my office (old building and incredibly cold). It was very easy to build up, and the heat from it is just brilliant!

Lesley1981, Amazon Customer Review

Very pleased with this heater, have now had two and would highly recommend it, have not even switched heating on yet, as am quite warm enough with the heat it generates.

Victoria, Amazon Customer Review

Efficient Heater and very neat, however to bright light of the unit is distracting. The unit was delivered promptly and the packaging was excellant.

Colin White, Amazon Customer Review


  • The halogen electric heater comes with great features like the oscillating function, for it warms the room faster.
  • The auto cut-out function is another great feature, as it doesn’t allow the device to start a fire in case it gets knocked over.


  • The halogen electric heater can be disturbing for those who can’t stand the brightness made by the halogen bars.


To make a long story short, the Marko 1.2KW Halogen Electric Heater is a great portable electric heater if you want a compact, yet powerful heater that can warm the room fast and effective. I highly recommend this model to those who are looking for something that is easy to transport from room to room, is easy to use and warms the room in no time.

The Marko 1.2KW Heater has been reviewed by over 70 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.7 stars out of 5.0Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

Lloytron F2104GR

Lloytron F2104GRThe Lloytron F2104GR features four heat settings allow you to control the temperature in the room, while the carrying handle makes it easy to be transported from a room to another, depending on your needs.

One of the greatest features of this halogen heater is the fact that it is designed with 4 heat settings. Thus, you can choose between 400w, 800w, 1200w and 1600w to get the temperature in the room right as you love it. It features 4 halogen bars, so you will know how much heat you’re getting by the number of bars that are on. In order to select the desired heat setting, all you have to do is push the right button on top of the heater.

Another great thing about this halogen heater is the fact that it features oscillating 70 degree rotation. This means that the air inside the room where the heater is will get warmer sooner. What is more, thanks to the carrying handle you’ll be able to move the heater from room to room.

Last, but not least, the Lloytron F2104GR Heater also features an auto safety cut off. In other words, you won’t have to worry that the heater will over heat and your energy bill will become unaffordable.

Key Features

  • It has 4 heat settings: 400w, 800w, 1200w and 1600w
  • It features oscillating 70 degree rotation
  • It is designed with a carrying handle
  • It features auto safety cut off

Customer Reviews

After analyzing user reviews I can confidently say that the majority of the Lloytron F2104GR users are happy with how this heater works. Positive comments mention its design, ease of use and light weight.

I chose this for our caravan awning. It’s good quality and quite sturdy. The heat it generates is amazing, haven’t had it on the full setting yet as its the heater is too hot even though the weather is still a bit chilly. Would definitely recommend.

Susie Bibbles, Amazon Customer Review

The product arrived promptly and I am very pleased with both the simplicity of using it and the look of it also.It does tilt forward `just a tad` although this is not a problem. Was also VERY impressed with the quick response to an e.mail through the Lloytron website answering a query I had on the leaflet enclosed in the box.All in all an excellent little heater and I would certainly purchase another should the need arise.

Mrs S J Rees, Amazon Customer Review

I bought two of these heaters and have found them very easy to use. They have four settings unlike the majority of this type which have only three. This allows the fires to be more adjustable and to run with only one element if needed. Build quality is good and i have had no problems at all with them. If you are looking for cheap heating and can get used to the extra light then these heaters are ideal considering the high cost of electricity and other forms of heating.

Mr G Davies, Amazon Customer Review


  • The heater has great features like the 4 heat settings that allow you to control the amount of heat that you want in the room.
  • Also, the oscillating 70 degree rotation is another great feature of this halogen heater.


  • There were some who complained that they needed to replace the halogen bars sooner than expected.


To sum it all up, the Lloytron F2104GR is a great heater if you are looking for something that has various heat settings and can be moved from room to room. I highly recommend this halogen heater to those who want a device that is easy to use, delivers heat fast and is portable.

The Lloytron F2104GR unit has been reviewed by over 180 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.1 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

Lloytron F2106GR

Lloytron F2106GRThe Lloytron F2106GR is a portable halogen heater that is ideal for small rooms, bathrooms, the office and more. Featuring 3 heat settings and a maximum heat output of 1200W, this halogen heater can also function as a boost for other existing heat source.

The Lloytron F2106GR is budget friendly considering its great features and the high value for the money. Although compact in size, this portable halogen heater warms a room very fast, especially when used on its higher heat setting with the 90 degree oscillation function.

Featuring 1200W of maximum heat output, this portable halogen heater will have no problem in heating a small room or boosting other heat sources. To control the temperature in the room, all you have to do is select one of the 3 heat settings that this heater has: 400W, 800W or 1200W.

In order to be effective, this portable halogen heater was designed with 90 degree oscillation. Therefore, when choosing this function, the heater will oscillate in order to warm the air from the room faster and provide a comfortable feeling. To make things better, the device is also designed with a safety tip-over switch. Thus, in case the heater accidentally gets knocked over, the switch will turn off the device.

Design is another strong point of the Lloytron F2106GR. Thanks to its compact size (46 centimetres height), the heaters can easily fit in small rooms, bathrooms etc. What is more, the unit is lightweight and can be easily carried from room to room thanks to the integral carrying handle with which it is designed.

Key Features

  • It has a maximum heat output of 1200W
  • It has 3 heat settings: 400W, 800W and 1200W
  • It features 90 degree oscillation
  • It is designed with a safety tip-over switch
  • It comes with an integral carrying handle

Customer Reviews

I can confirm that the majority of the users are very pleased with this halogen heater. Customers like the fact that it is compact, lightweight and warms the room fast. Some even comment on its excellent value for money.

Very good so far. Cheap to run. Have had similar ones before and they didn’t last long, but this was slightly more expensive so am hoping will last longer. Did research and found it only costs 5 pence per hour for one bar. This suits my small room but there are two other bars for when the weather gets colder.

Judith James, Amazon Customer Review

I bought this little halogen heater to warm up a medium size attic room in the morning whilst getting ready for work. It’s small, compact, super light and takes up very little space. It heats up immediately (as you’d expect from a halogen heater) and warms the entire room very quickly. I only have it on for about 1/2 hr each morning, but it really makes getting up easier!

It’s not just the heat that it gives off, the bright, warm glow that it emits really makes the whole room feel warm n cosy. It’s very basic in its construction, no frills or fancy bits, but does do exactly what it’s meant to (the little orange buttons on the base are for appearance only and fall off easily!)The automatic switch off is great! The dog knocked it once and it automatically turned itself off. The three choices of heat strength work really well enabling you to have as much or as little heat as u want. Overall, very please….for the price, a great little heater! 😊

Noo, Amazon Customer Review


  • This portable halogen heater has great features like the 90 degree oscillation function that allows the device to warm the air in the room faster.
  • The safety tip-over switch is another great feature of this heater for you won’t have to worry about starting a fire in case the device gets knocked over.


  • As the heater works with halogen bars, the bars will eventually have to be changed.


In a nutshell, the Lloytron F2106GR Halogen Heater is a great portable heater if you don’t want something very sophisticated. I highly recommend this heater to those who are looking for a compact device that delivers heat effectively, and warms a room quickly and easily.

The Lloytron F2106GR has been reviewed by over 50 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.6 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

Halogen Heater – Buyers Guide

The main composition of a halogen heater is a plastic exterior that remains cool during operation, internal halogen elements and a fine mesh grid on the front where heat is propelled from the inside by internal fans.

So what are the key things you need to consider:


This type of space heater comes in several sizes so you should be able to find one to into most spaces.


If you want to spread the heat around a room you may want to opt for a unit that can oscillate to heat more of a space. However if your planning on using a unit to heat a specific spot in a space then a stationary model should work just fine.


Plain models may simply turn on and off, but more advanced heaters have push button controls that allow temperature to be set, several heat settings, timers and an ability to adjust the speed of oscillation. Some even have remote controls to allow users to adjust any of the controls from anywhere in a room.

Safety features

Some units will feature a tilt safety switch that will switch the heater off in case it falls over reducing the change of an accident happening.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages of halogen heaters is that they can be used to pinpoint certain areas, or aimed directly at a person. When you need a spot warmed up quickly, halogen heaters are an excellent choice for space heating too, because they get warm quickly. On the downside, they also cool down quickly, and the heater must be run longer to keep an area warm.

Unlike some other space heaters that use gas or electric, halogen heaters are cool to touch, making them easy to move or re-direct quickly. The surface of metal radiant heaters can be dangerous to have in an area where young children are present, and are too hot to the touch if you want to move it when it is being used.

Care should be taken to avoid touching the actual grill of a halogen heater, however. Hot air flowing over the front heating grid becomes very hot and can burn people or pets if touched. Like any space heater, halogens heaters should not be placed where furniture, draperies or rugs can come into contact with the front grill.

Power Consumption

Some people believe halogen heaters cost more to operate than electric or gas heaters, but the difference in cost is due more to the need to run halogen heaters longer to maintain a temperature level. They actually use less electricity than other heaters when used for the same length of time.

When using it to warm up a particular spot or to center the heat source on yourself or another individual, the area will cool down quickly if it gets too warm.

Environments Best Suited to Using Halogen Heaters

Halogen heaters work best in small rooms, or when direct heat is desired in a single spot. There are different styles of halogen heaters that work best in different situations. When you need to warm up a small room, an oscillating heater is the best way to get the maximum amount of exposure and help the temperature rise quickly.

For heating a personal space, table top models are a good choice, and can also be hung to deliver the heat to the exact spot desired. Halogen heaters are a great way to enjoy outdoor areas as the weather gets colder, or to extend the day’s use of a porch or patio.

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