Why consider a Wall Mounted Oil Filled Radiator

Best Wall Mounted Oil Filled Radiators

Wall Mounted Oil Filled Radiators are usually slim line and will easily fit in tightest of spaces such as behind sofas, under windows, in kitchens and lofts.

But picking a suitable wall mounted heater can be difficult. Since there are so many choices on offer with different features. So where should you start?

Wall Mounted Oil Filled Radiator – Buyers Guide

Wall mounted oil filled radiators work in the same manner as free-standing models. The oil in the heater retains the heat and the fins allow the heat to radiate across a space.

Before picking a suitable unit you need to go through the main considerations and features;


The location you where want to install the unit must have a suitable electrical supply. Most units will allow you to just simply plug into an electrical outlet; however others will give you the option of hard-wiring into the fixed electrical wiring in the room. Some special locations like a bathroom will require the services of a qualified electrician.


In terms of power you can get various units ranging from as low as 500w. Generally you may opt for a 2kw or 3kw heater that will allow you to heat a medium or large space.


Units can come with a 24 hour timer and thermostats for better energy efficiency and greater control.

Tip – use a timer to switch the radiator on when needed to save energy and money.


Fixing these heaters to the wall is relatively easy. The units are usually supplied with suitable brackets that allow for installation. To ensure installation is quick you may need access to a powered drill to make the holes for the mounting screws.

Overheat Protection

An important safety feature, the overheat protection ensures the unit is switched off if it starts to overheat.

Remote Control

Some models will be supplied with a remote control that allows you to switch the unit on, set the timer and thermostat.

ADAX APO Wall mounted oil filled radiator

Wall mounted Oil filled radiators for Bathrooms

Before you pick a suitable model for use in your bathroom you need to check of a few things first to ensure that the unit will be safe to install and use.

Installation and inspection must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

By getting advice from a qualified electrician you will be able to find out whether or not it would be safe to install an electric radiator in your bathroom.

The installation of any electrical items in domestic dwelling and especially in special locations like a bathroom are cover by IEE Wiring Regulations.

These regulations split domestic bathrooms into different zones with different requirements for each zone in terms of electrical protection/safety.

You may find that your bathroom is too small for all the zones to exist, which may mean it’s not safe to install an electric heater. This is why it is important to find an electrician to complete an inspection of the space before you think about getting a wall mounted electric oil filled heater.

Radiator must have a suitable IP Rating

After your bathroom has been inspected and deemed safe to house a electrical heater then the next consideration is the IP rating of the oil filled heater.

Here IP stands for IP rating and is a measure of the protection the unit will have against ingress from either liquids or solid particles. It is displayed in the following format IP44, where the first number relates to the ingress of solids and the second number the ingress of liquids. The numbers can be between 0-8, with higher numbers indicating greater protection.

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