Best Oil Filled Radiator Buying Guide

Best Oil Filled Radiator Reviews 2017 – Buyers Guide

Oil filled radiators or oil heaters are a popular heating solution for living spaces, loved by users for their effectiveness, safety, and outstanding energy efficiency.

Although small, these small heaters are some of the most recommended space heaters in the market. But how exactly do they work, and if you’ve yet to buy a heating unit for your home, will an oil-filled radiator work for you.

Read our buyers guide and see our shortlist of the best models available.

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Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364

Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364 oil filled radiator features a maximum 2.5 kW of heating power. Ideal for any type of room, whether at home, at the office or in your workshop, this portable radiator will keep the room as warm as you desire.

Easy to use, featuring foot castors and a carry handle for ease of transport, this model will keep the desired temperature in any room.

One of the greatest things about this portable radiator is the fact that it features three heating options. This means that the radiator can use the full 2.5kW of power or a lower setting. In other words, you can maintain your room warm while saving energy by using a lower heating setting. Furthermore, the device is designed with a 24 hour timer, allowing you to set it to turn on when you desire.

Designed with an integral thermostat, you can set the desired temperature and the radiator will turn on and off to keep it. Thus, your room will always be warm and comfortable. What is more, the thermostat also has a frost protection setting and a safety cut-out switch that prevents the device from overheating.

Last, but not least, this radiator features foot castors and a carry handle. Therefore, it is easy to move it from room to room, according to your needs.

Key Features

  • It features 2.5kW of heating power
  • It has three heating options
  • It is designed with a 24 hour timer
  • It comes with an integral thermostat
  • It has foot castors and a carry handle

Customer Reviews

I can confirm that the majority of the users are very pleased with the Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364, hence the multiple positive reviews. Users often comment positively on its power and how fast in warms a room.

This is an excellent purchase. I use it in my kitchen as an aide to my space heaters.It warms up the kitchen in no time ( It’s a large kitchen). I should think in a small room it works wonders. It’s simple to attach the castors.Having the timer is such a bonus, it’s timed to come on and off with my heating, job done.

Mushy Miss, Amazon Customer Review

Excellent heater. I bought this to heat my conservatory where I childmind to replace the electric one I had. I love the fact it’s on wheels as it’s easier to move. The fact it has a thermostat is a big advantage as it can not overheat. The instructions were clear and readable. It gives out good heat.

Ninka, Amazon Customer Review

Very happy with this, it warms up my cold unheated studio (20x12ft) and is much better than any convector heater at putting out heat. I don’t know if cheaper version work as well, and haven’t looked at electricity costs yet.

CJ, Amazon Customer Review


  • The radiator comes with great features like the three heating options and the 2.5kW of heating power, warming the room quickly while saving energy when used at a lower heating option.
  • The 24 hour timer is another great feature because you can set the radiator to turn on before you arrive home from work or before you wake up for a cozy warm feeling.


There were some users who complained that the timer is small and fiddly, making it a bit difficult to be handled by those who have dexterity problems or poor eyesight.


All in all, this radiator is affordable and has everything that a radiator needs to warm a room and keep the desired temperature. I highly recommend this portable oil filled radiator if you are looking for something that can warm a room fast, has more heat settings and can be easily set when to turn on.

The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364 has been reviewed by over 270 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0.  Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

De’Longhi Vento V550715

De'Longhi Vento V550715 The De’Longhi Vento V550715 is a must have if you take into consideration its performance and great features, and the money you have to pay for it. Affordable, highly effective and featuring an innovative design, this portable oil filled radiator will warm the room quickly and easily.

Featuring 1.5kW of maximum heat output, this portable  radiator comes with three variable heat settings. Thus, you can easily control the temperature in the room or how much heat do you want extra to boost your existing heat source. What is more, the radiator features an adjustable room thermostat that you can easily set in order to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

The “Venturi Effect” is one of the strongest points of the Vento V550715. This is realized thanks to the internal chimney-like structure with which the radiator is designed. While the cold air is drawn at the bottom of the radiator, the hot air is released at the top, increasing convective air flow. Thus, the room gets warm fast.

Safety is another strong point of the De’Longhi Vento V550715 Radiator. It features an anti-frost function, as well as an overheat safety function in order to prevent malfunction. Furthermore, thanks to the wide-span castors and the carry handle, you’ll have no trouble transporting the device from room to room.

Key Features

  • 1.5kW maximum heat output
  • 3 variable heat settings
  • Adjustable room thermostat
  • It features the “Venturi Effect” for increased convective air flow
  • Anti-frost and overheat safety functions
  • Designed with wide-span castors and carry handle


Customer Reviews

I can confirm that most of the users are very pleased with the portable De’Longhi Vento V550715. Users have often commented on how effective it is in warming a room.

I rate this heater 5* without a doubt,I must do,I have 3 of them,all 1.5k,because they throw out so much heat,you probably wouldn’t believe,but take it from me ,they are marvellous.They are also very economical to run.I have a large house,and the central heating is very expensive,but through the day,I don’t have it on for very long,I just heat the rooms that I’m using,and this is where these heaters come in handy.

I have two of them on constantly,all day long,and my electric is very reasonable,but if you are thinking of getting one,don’t go over the 1.5 or 2.0k,as they then start to eat the electric,and unless your rooms are bigger than16x10in,then the higher kw is not needed.also,they go for ever,and the one I bought first,about 7 years ago,is as good as new.

Mrs A Moore, Amazon Customer Review

Attractive and compact. warms up quickly and the thermostat means you can adjust the amount of heat given out (and money spent). Quite heavy but easy to move on its wheels. Replaces a convector heater with a more constant heat source and hopefully is more economical to run.

Caeda, Amazon Customer Review

Brilliant for heating up a room in a short time. Normally put it on the highest setting just to get it started and then leave it on the lowest setting to maintain a comfortable temperature. Also thermostatically controlled so you can set a temperature that suits you. We also use it in the much bigger front room and the difference can be felt immediately.

Faizel Williams, Amazon Customer Review


  • The radiator has great features like the “Venturi Effect” that increases convective air flow, warming the room fast.
  • The 3 variable heat settings and the adjustable room thermostat are other great features, for you can easily control the temperature in the room.


The smell of the radiator may persist longer than the 2 hours listed in the instructions.


In summary, the De’Longhi Vento V550715 is a great radiator that uses the “Venturi Effect” which creates a chimney-like effect, allowing the heater to warm the air in the room very fast. Thanks to its great features, this radiator is ideal for small rooms or as a boost for other heat sources.

This model is recommended to users who want a heating source that is effective and allows you to easily control the temperature in a room. The De’Longhi Vento V550715 has been reviewed by over 173 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.0Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.


Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T

Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025TThe Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T oil filled radiator is ideal for rooms up to 75 square meters for it has an advanced chimney effect for effective heating. Having a warm room in no time is now possible thanks to the Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T that provides a large radiant surface.

Effectiveness is one of the strongest points of this unit. Thanks to its advanced chimney effect the room warms quickly. The cold air from the room is “pulled” in the hottest part of the radiator, while the hot air is being released through the vents, providing 2.5kW of total heat output. The radiator also features an anti-frost function and a cut-out mechanism in case of overheat.

The Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T is also effective when it comes to comfort. Designed with an enlarged battery, the radiator provides 25% larger radiant surface than its predecessor. Therefore, the room gets warm faster. What is more, thanks to the 3 heat levels, the room thermostat, and the 24 hour timer with which the radiator is designed, you can easily control the temperature in the room.

Design is another strong point of the Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T. Featuring a brilliant-white colour, the radiator provides a stylish design to any room. What is more, it has rounded edges and cable storage for safety. For ease of manoeuvrability, the radiator is designed with pre-assembled wheels and a carry handle.

Key Features

  • Features an advanced chimney effect
  • Provides 2.5kW of total heat output
  • Anti-frost function and cut-out mechanism in case of overheat
  • 3 heat levels
  • A room thermostat
  • 24 hour timer
  • Stylish design
  • Has pre-assembled wheels and a carry handle.

Customer Reviews

I can confirm that the majority of the users are very happy with the Delonghi TRD4 1025T radiator. They comment on how fast it warms the room and its heat output.

Fantastic heater, I recently upgraded to this newer model and I can really see the difference. It heats our living room up (4m x 8m) so quickly and I need to turn it down to a lower setting which seems to maintain the temperature quite well. I can’t recommend Delonghi heaters enough, reliable and easy to use with a 10 year warranty.

Dee, Amazon Customer Review

Bought this heater for my conservatory and it is perfect. Good heat settings and thermostat control. Lowest setting is enough to stop the conservatory freezing. Looks good and fits in with the surroundings very well. Pity the cable is so short but doesn’t spoil the overall efficiency. Good value for money.

Michael Nealon, Amazon Customer Review

Ordered in time for Christmas and item was delivered one day earlier than expected. Keeps my large conservatory toasty and warm. Timer is welcome as it is set for early morning and afternoon start up. Heater stays warm for some time once turned off. new ‘smell’ is starting to ease off after 3 days use. Very pleased overall.

Catherine Hughes, Amazon Customer Review


  • The radiator has great features like the advanced chimney effect that warms the air in the room effectively.
  • The enlarged battery for a 25% larger radiant surface is another great feature, as the room will get warm in no time.


The smell is sometimes present at full output after the first use.


To sum it all up, the Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T is a great portable heat source for anyone that wants a powerful unit that can warm a room very fast. With great features, a stylish design that provides a refined touch to your room, this portable radiator is a must have, taking into consideration its affordable price.

The Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T has been reviewed by over 100 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 4.4 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.


Oil Filled Radiator – Buyers Guide

The Science behind Oil Filled Heaters

From the outside, an oil filled radiator looks no different from your typical old-fashioned radiator—the same ones you see on television causing the protagonist so much grief—except perhaps they’re much smaller.

But their diminutive size is for a good reason, because unlike traditional radiators, oil heaters are portable and can be moved almost anywhere you desire. You can plug them to any regular wall plug and use them in any room in the household. The smaller models typically have carry handles, while the larger, more powerful units have wheels for ease of movement.

These heaters feature a series of fins or connected columns, sometimes with gaps between that are attached at the base and have a control panel at the front. Inside the body and fins of the radiator is diathermic oil—hence the name of the machine.

That said, you might be wondering if oil-filled heaters need to have their oil refilled. The good news is that they don’t, because the oil isn’t used as fuel, but rather functions as a heat reservoir, never being consumed. It just flows through the insides of the heater when it’s switched on.

How an Oil Filled Heater Works

  • Electricity flows into the heater’s resistor, which converts energy into heat
  • The inert diathermic oil enclosed inside the heater absorbs the heat
  • As the oil begins to heat up, it flows through the radiator’s columns and fins, like a stream of hot water flowing through plumbing
  • Heat transfer between the warm oil and the heater’s metal fin occurs, creating an even level of warmth
  • As the metal fins continue to heat up, they begin to generate heat into the room. The heat moves throughout the space through natural air convection

Oil-Filled Heater Advantages

No Fan-generated Noise – A conventional space heater with an open heating element has a fan to circulate air into the room. Oil filled heaters have no fans, which makes them near silent.

No Dry Air – No fan means the oil heater won’t dry the air inside your room

They’re Energy Efficient – Electric heaters are practically 100 percent energy efficient, with all the energy used converted to heat. The absence of a fan motor in an oil filled heater makes it ultra efficient

Longer-lasting Warmth – Oil filled heaters continue to stay warm after cutting off the power. You can chalk that up to the diathermic oil being a good heat reservoir.

Thermostat Control – Once the room or space reaches the desired temperature, the oil filled heater will then cycle on and off to maintain that warmth and save as much energy as possible, rather than just running non-stop.

No Need to Refill Oil – Since the oil isn’t a fuel source, there won’t be any need to replace it.

They’re Portable – As previously mentioned, oil-filled heaters are portable and light enough to be moved from room to room. When not in use, you can store them under the desk or inside the closet.

Key Considerations


For some users the physical appearance of the model they pick will be one of the most important features they will look at. These type of radiators come in various styles and colours allowing you to find a model that suits your decor.

Heat Output

Generally speaking you will find that units will range between 1kW to 2.5kW in maximum power.

Heat Settings

Most units will come with variable heat settings that will allow a user to pick a setting that makes them comfortable.


Units will often come with castors that will allow you to move heater around a space easily.


If your concerned about a fault with your unit then you will definitely want to look at the warranty. Some model come with up to 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Environments suited to using an Oil Filled Radiator

Given their size and portability, oil filled heaters are ideal for apartment dwellers, student/dorm rooms, Caravans/RVs, and other smaller spaces. If you’ve yet to get a solid HVAC system installed in your home, oil filled heaters can handle the job of keeping your living space warm.

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